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Orthopedic Shoes



We have a wide variety of orthopedic shoes available. If you struggle with finding a comfortable fitting shoe these may be a great option for you. Many people can benefit from a wider shoe to reduce toe crowding and bunion formation. What makes orthopedic shoes special is their increased depth and the number of size and width options compared to standard footwear. Orthopedic shoes come in an average of 18 different sizes and at least 3 widths. After a style is chosen, we provide you with an accurate measurement and custom order your shoes. We primarily deal with Apis and Cambrian footwear, although other companies are available as well.


Shoe Raises/Lifts

We provide a wide range of shoe modifications through our on site lab. 

- Full shoe raises

- Heel lifts

- Rocker sole mods

- Butresses

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