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Custom Knee Bracing

Knee brace modelization.png
Knee brace modelization.png

Advanced Technology

Here at Yukon Biomechanics, we have every option at our finger tips. Our custom knee braces can be made from hand casts of your body, intricate measurements, and even 3D scanning and printing.

Custom In-House

Depending on the right design for you, we can make a full range of custom knee braces right here in our lab. In house designs offer a wide range of joint styles and can accommodate patient sizes that may be outside the norm for the major brands. Starting from a cast of you body, we complete every step of the process in house - maximizing control and outcome for you.


Major Brands

We offer every major brand name supplier of knee bracing. Breg, Donjoy, Bauerfeind, Ossur, Ottobock, Osskin, Springloaded, and more. After a thorough physical and biomechanical assessment, the most appropriate brace is chosen from the widest possible range to ensure you walk away with confidence. Most major brands offer a full variety of custom colour options to unleash your inner creativity and expression!

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