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About Yukon Biomechanics

Yukon Biomechanics Inc. is the first and only full service custom orthotic and bracing clinic in Canada's north. Founded in 2020, we are proud to serve the people of the Yukon by offering yet one more medical service right here at home. Knowing first hand the impact of medical travel required for us northerners, local care is a main mission and point of pride for our clinic. We are a family run business and love what we do. Our integrated lab and clinic facility allows us to custom make and service our designs locally. Our staff include a Certified Orthotist CO(c), Certified Pedorthist C. Ped (C), and a Registered Orthotic Technician RTO(c). We produce thoughtful and effective Orthotic designs to support your everyday challenges and needs. We provide pediatric and adult bracing over the entire range of the body.

Meagan McEwen Gerein BASc. CO(c) C.Ped(C)

Meagan is our clinical specialist. She is a Certifed Orthotist and a Certified Pedorthist. She provides the direct patient care at our clinic. After completing her undergraduate degree at McMaster University, she went on to complete her post graduate studies through George Brown College and Western University. Through her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, she produces and fits the thoughtful designs that go on to help you in your everyday life.

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Kurtis Gerein RTO(c)

Kurtis is our Registered Orthotic Technician. He attended George Brown College and completed his diploma in the Prosthetics and Orthotics Technician program at the Sunnybrook Hospital campus. His main responsibility is the manufacturing of the devices deigned by Meagan. He molds, grinds, glues, and sews his way into making something truly unique for each patient. He not only loves his work but knows first hand the impact of a well crafted device.

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