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Custom Foot Orthotics

From creative to complex, let us help manage your feet!


It all starts with a good cast

Our clinical specialist will conduct a comprehensive biomechanical and physical assessment to determine the best orthotic design for your feet.

A hand cast is completed with either a plaster or synthetic bandage depending on the design.


Locally Made

After casting, your foot orthotics are custom made in house to fit your unique needs. We can alter, adjust, and repair any portion of your foot orthotic on-site to ensure the right fit every time. We tailor make your custom orthotics by choosing from hundreds of material and design variations at our disposal. We can also make custom foot orthotics specifically for partial foot amputees, giving you the comfort and stability you need to get back to walking with confidence.


Peace of Mind

We offer a 90 day fit guarantee giving you peace of mind. We work with you and your valuable feedback to fine tune your foot orthotics to your unique needs, and it's all done right here in Whitehorse. If it's not right, we can make it right!

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