Custom Bracing & Orthotic Services


Certified Orthotist CO(c)
Registered Orthotic Technician RTO(c)


Custom Foot Orthotics Made from Cast of Your Feet

Our Certified Orthotist CO(c) will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the best orthotic design for your feet. After casting, your foot orthotics are custom made in house to fit your unique needs. We can alter, adjust, and repair any portion of your foot orthotic to ensure the right fit every time.

Custom Knee Brace Designs

Knee Braces can come in all shapes and sizes - and not all are created equally. Luckily, here at Yukon Biomechanics, we have you covered. We can provide knee bracing solutions ranging from custom made brand name braces, to 100% custom fabricated braces - made right here in our lab. Choose from a variety of colours and transfers for your unique look!

Integrated Clinic and Lab

Our full service clinic and lab provides locally made and locally fit Orthotic designs. No more waiting for a trip down south and no more gambling with the outcome. Get the right fit right here in Whitehorse.

-Foot Orthotics

-Knee Bracing

-Spinal Bracing


-Hand/Wrist Bracing

-Diabetic Wound Offloading

-Shoe Raises/Lifts


Clinic Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 3:30pm

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed
Closed All Stats and Major Holidays


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